Four Mile Portage

is Tom and Brandy of Duluth, Minnesota

Old Time Fiddle and Banjo Dance Music, Dance Calling, and Vocal Harmonies

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During the day:

Brandy and Tom can be found in the chemistry lab and the math classroom.


Dances. Four Mile Portage has been playing dances in Minnesota and Wisconsin since 2005. They play for the Tamarack Dance Association Dances in Duluth, the Tapestry Dance Association in Minneapolis, North Country Fiddle and Dance of East Grand Forks. They also sing and clog and perform regularly at the Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe, Beaners Central Concert Coffeehouse, and Farmer's Markets. We love to get people up and dancing at parties and weddings, or are happy to just to hang in a corner and play tunes. FMP was guest artists on Charlie Parr's 2011 "Keep Your Hands on the Plow" CD.

Taught by:

The many teachers who have patiently taken jam time with us at Tamarack Dance, Sir Ben's, MBOTMA, Clifftop, Homestead Pickin' Parlor and Moosejaw. I'll try to name some: Terrance Smith, Roger Cuthbertson & Jo Schubert, Pam and John Longtine, Eric and Theresa, Bob and Louisa Fabbro, Mark Boggie, Sue Hagge-Larson, Jim Larson, Sean and Alexis MacManus, Sarah York and Clancy Ward.

Got our name from:

Four Mile Portage connects Fall Lake and Basswood Lake of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness near Ely, MN. You're right. It doesn't make sense to carry a canoe over this ridiculous length. It's still marked on maps, and enjoyed by dogsleders and rogue snowmobilers; But, it has little use for fishing since the forest service stopped allowing portage trucks in the 90's.